New: Extract Juice Bar

Left: Sproutstanding and The Leaf; right: Extract Juice Bar

Blimpie's downtown has been replaced by a juice bar. Sign of the times.

If you're into juicing and work downtown, you'll appreciate the convenience of Extract Juice Bar.

I've been avoiding Extract, though, mostly because its logo features a syringe; a visit here has about the same appeal as a visit to the doctor. (Though I suppose the juicing parallels of steroids and fruits and veggies is kind of cute.)

Extract offers ten juices, $7 each. There's a juice for various tastes, from the sweeter Morning Doodle (kale, apple, carrot, grape, lemon) to the zingy, greener tasting The Leaf (spinach, apple, ginger, parsley, celery, lime) to the minerally, is-this-healthy-enough-to-make-drinking-this-worth-it Surprisingly Sproutstanding (brussels sprouts, carrot, broccoli, cilantro, lemon, celery). These are the first fresh-pressed juices I've been served over ice, which keeps it cold, or dilutes it, depending on your perspective.

Extract also offers three, five and seven-day juice cleanses for $180, $300, $420, the priciest cleanse programs I've seen on the island.

1001 Bishop St., Suite 108, 949-945-3206