New eats: Umami Cafe

Umami Cafe

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By Mari Taketa

The buzz from one corner of town starts early.

“Umami opened today at Harbor Court,” @ShawnNakamoto, who works nearby, tweets on Feb. 7.

Yeah? What is it?

“New sandwich/coffee shop.”

Ah, so. This part of downtown, right at the foot of Bethel and Nimitz, isn’t exactly a hotbed of grinds. Umami’s downstairs from the empty Palomino/Cassis space, in fact, where Satura Cakes used to be until December.

“Their offerings are so Japanese,” @ShawnNakamoto tweets a few days later. She’s been investigating. “Beautiful packaging. Like Shirokiya but more upscale. Kawaiiiiii!!”

And a few days later: “They have a natto ahi rice bowl and a spicy ahi sandwich. And a lobster salad sandwich which I’m dying to try.”

Then she twitpics the specials menu. Sparerib soup. Ahi belly nitsuke. Eggplant parmesan. What is this place?

Umami Cafe
55 Merchant St.
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