New eats: Kulu Kulu Cake

If you’re headed to Shirokiya today, you’ll find a large new bakery on the first floor. This is kind of a big deal, since that entire corner was previously rotating new vendors every three weeks.

Every town in Japan has their own little cake shop, and the partners behind Kulu Kulu decided that would be the concept behind this new place. The cakes are all done in Japanese style, meaning that the items are not overly sweet or rich.

“I want to make people happy with my cakes,” said Executive Chef Eiji Kondo. “‘Kulu Kulu’ means to multiply or make more in Hawaiian, and that’s what I hope to do with the cakes we offer.”

We got a media preview yesterday to sample a few of the things they’ll be offering at Kulu Kulu Cake.

Kulu Kulu Cakes

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You may remember this area on Shirokiya’s first floor, which had a rotating mix of bakery treats, mochi waffles, KC Waffledogs, and more. The entire area is now Kulu Kulu Cakes.