New eats: da ala cart

da ala cart

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By Mari Taketa

I screech into the parking lot of the Kaheka Street Don Quijote, intent on a mission. A hot tip (thanks @FliptOutEats) has alerted me to a new food truck that sells — what?! — bacon-wrapped musubi. But the first time I screech into DQ a few weeks ago, the truck’s closed up tight.

This is my lucky day. This guy is running around setting up table and chairs and hanging up his red kushiyaki grilled skewer sign. Food on a stick! I whip out my camera for one quick shot for We’re on it. And then I see the menu.

One hundred percent izakaya food. Eleven items, ranging from $1.50 to $2 a stick, with said musubi eating only a $2.50 hole in my wallet.

Let’s tally this up: Food on a stick, at the edge of a parking lot, dirt cheap. I smell a review.

How long for one of everything? I ask.

I’m so sorry, he says. I’m a little delayed. My son was born today.

What?! Congratulations! Well, I’ll go shopping then.

It’ll be ready, he says. And by the way, my name’s Chris.

da ala cart
Don Quijote parking lot
Poni Street at Makaloa