New dishes at YuZu Hawaii

YuZu has added some new dishes to its menu. Don't miss the lobster bisque udon and the ika mentaiko udon (squid with spicy cod roe). Those three words—"lobster bisque udon"—sell themselves. It comes in bowl big enough to wash your face in, the udon bathed in a sauce appropriately creamy and lobster-y, studded with lobster meat and eryngi mushrooms. The ika mentaiko udon requires more convincing, but it's equally delicious: squid cut into rings that resemble the thick, chewy udon, tossed with mentaiko that adds a spicy hit of umami.

Lobster bisque udon ($18.95), ika mentaiko udon ($14.95), Inside Ala Moana Hotel, 410 Atkinson Dr., 943-1155,