New dessert programs start at MW Restaurant in May

Lilikoi semifreddo

Although the food at MW Restaurant is good, everyone knows their desserts are always spectacular. It’s no wonder: Michelle Karr-Ueoka — the “M” in MW — is the first woman from Hawaii to be nominated for the prestigious James Beard Award because her desserts are so outstandihng. Some customers simply forego dinner to eat three to five of her desserts in courses, but that gets to be a little much.

On May 17, due to customer demands for a smaller course menu, MW is launching “Pupus and Pastries,” a weekend dinner series that enables them to get creative with … well, pupus and pastries, in a menu that is llike a smaller version of their twice-yearly Sunday afternoon tea. You get five savory bites, two dessert courses, and about five small dessert bites. At this writing, they don’t have a price yet, but knowing MW fans, that won’t matter. There are only six seats available in two seatings (one at 7 p.m. and one at 9 p.m.) for a total of 12 seats, only on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Due to the limited space, reservations are required.

Here’s a look at some of the items you might get at this new program:

pupus and pastries savory snacks
A sample of a few of the savory bites you might get: mini pretzel bread, goat cheese cannolis, and “clam dip” puffs with black truffle.
Cherry blossom macaron and truffles
Sakura (cherry blossom) macaron with Burgundy sea salt chocolate filled with black truffle caramel.
Yuba fruit tart and dehydrated chocolate mousse
Yuba fruit tart and dehydrated chocolate mousse.
dessert bites
Classic dessert bites: Chocolate macadamias, lilikoi sables and chocolate crunch.

If you’ve ever had afternoon tea at MW, you know the menu can be quite large, but this evening offering should be better for people who just want a bite before heading to a night out. (By the way, that clam dip puff is a winner! I could eat a whole plate of that rich, savory bite.)

Don’t forget, you get two dessert courses, and while you may get a choice from the classic favorites like tropical brulee or fruit shave ice (usually strawberry, but mango season is coming), there are new sweet plates coming as of May 1. The desserts at MW are always changing, but these new ones are a result of many hours of thought. Karr-Ueoka recently went to a culinary competition in Lyon, France, and due to flight delays, it took her about 54 hours to get back. That’s a lot of productive time on anyone’s hands, and she spent that time dreaming up new creations for us. Here’s a look at some of the desserts you can look forward to as of May 1 (there will be about six or seven).

lilikoi semifreddo
Lilikoi semifreddo, a light, crisp play on a Napoleon with fresh fruit.
carrot crepe cake
Carrot crepe cake with carrot and loquat salad from Ma’o Farm. This is like a compact version of the cake made of a dozen crepe layers, with a bruleed top for light crunch.
cherry blossom dessert
Cherry blossom dessert made with Mrs. Cheng’s soy milk, aerated strawberries and cherry blossom tea. 
black truffle ice cream sandwiches
If you like MW’s ice cream sandwiches, you’ll love this one with black truffle ice cream. It’s a sweet umami bomb in your mouth — go early for this one.

These desserts will be available on the main menu as well as for the “Pupus and Pastries” program. Can’t wait!

MW Restaurant
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