New Bubble Puffs in Honolulu

Egg puffs at Puffette

Over bubble milk tea? Well, there’s a new bubble in town: the bubble waffle/eggette/egg puff/inverted waffle/edible bubble wrap (ok, I made the last two up). It’s almost as fun describing it as it is eating it. Eggettes are a popular Hong Kong street snack, taking a waffle-like batter and pouring it into a heated mold with little wells. You get all the crispy little edges of a waffle, but also the slightly doughy interior of a popover.

There are now two places in Honolulu to grab these snacks: Bubble Puff & Tea in Kapahulu, and Puffette, a truck that roams. At Bubble Puff and Tea, the egg puff batter comes in plain and mac nut, with toppings like chocolate and condensed milk. You can also add ice cream, but if this is your first time, go plain, all the way. They also have fun drinks: the Jalea, a layer of coffee or tea jelly topped with milk or soy milk. Swirl the straw around to break up the jelly and you have the most texturally interesting drink since bubble milk tea.

At Puffette, it’s all about the bubbles: bubble waffle and bubble milk tea. Here, the egg puffs come in original, chocolate and wasabi. Eat them while they’re hot.

Bubble Puff & Tea, 3301 Campbell Ave, 732-2201, open weekends only 1 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Puffette, find their location and hours on their Facebook page.