New: Adriatic Foods

Cevapcici at Adriatic Foods

The sign on the back of the food trailer parked by Mark's Garage says Adriatic Foods, the sign on the front says Mediterranean Food; what it serves, more specifically, is Croatian food. The menu consists of four sandwiches, two salads and a daily special. One day, I heard it was fried chicken; when I went, it was gibanica ($5), a Serbian layered dish of phyllo, eggs, cheese, cream and butter, like a tepid mac and cheese without the macaroni. In other words, not my favorite. Instead, get the cevapcici ($9), a beef and pork sausage sandwich with onions, a red pepper relish and cheese sauce combining feta, cream cheese and sour cream. The sweet red pepper and salty, creamy and tangy cheese balance the well-seasoned sausages, lean, yet flavorful. A side salad of cucumber, tomatoes and feta and a shredded cabbage salad round out the plate.

Food is made to order, so it can take around ten minutes. Be patient and enjoy what's probably the only Croatian food on the island.

Adriatic Foods is permanently parked (at least as permanent as these sort of eateries are) at 1161 Nuuanu Ave.