Nature Girl produces all-natural bath and cleaning products

Coming Up Roses

They say that a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. You wouldn’t know. Because after a day on the go, and a few too many pilates sessions, your scent is anything but rosy.  

Nature Girl products creator Dina Kaniho has a secret weapon to weed out those odors (and the bacteria that comes with them): a totally homemade, all-natural deodorant that—wait for it—actually works. Perfect for someone who’s concerned about those thorny chemicals and who-knows-what that anti-perspirants are famously chock-full of, but doesn’t want to smell like a corpse flower (it’s real, trust us). Dina has even tested it on her athletic husband and teenage son, so you know it’s the real daffo-deal.

Kaniho also makes a natural laundry soap, and naturally soothing and anti-inflammatory ‘olena (turmeric) foot scrubs. The Calm and Clarity aromatherapy spray is designed to reduce stress and anxiety so you can actually stop and smell the flowers.

Now you can sleep in your bed of roses—without having to worry about it smelling like … you know.

Nature Girl products are $8–$10, available on