Natural Worn Leader

Left: Fernandez wearing the Mahalo T-shirt. $30.99, Genius Outfitters.

Right: Women's look from Fall 2012 Collection.

To Ed Fernandez, co-owner of the popular local clothing line Organik, aloha means “a lifetime of helping." Fitting for someone who has built a thriving fashion label around eco-sustainable materials. Here the apparel innovator weighs in on upcoming collaborations, must-have Island souvenirs and an Organik sighting at this year’s Emmys.

In three words, how would you describe the Organik clothing line?

Ecofriendly, beachy, casual. We use sustainable, organic or recycled materials made in the United States, which gives a vintage softness and worn-in feel to our clothing (graphic-print T-shirts, hoodies and dresses). The colors and designs are inspired by nature, especially the beach and coastal areas from New England to Hawaii.

Why is using organic materials important to you and  (Organik co-owner) Brian Jones?

Since we both love to surf and sail, it's super important to us to protect our land and water for future generations to enjoy.

Where do you like to shop at in Waikiki?

Genius Outfitters stocks a lot of independent labels and accessories, and has an amazing bar above it called Genius Lounge.

Congrats on Ed O’Neill’s stylish video appearance during The Emmys. Did you know he was going to be wearing an Organik T-shirt?

Thank you very much! I had no clue that “Al Bundy” was wearing the Kona Sunset design until friends texted me during the show.

What’s next for Organik clothing?

In November, we released limited-edition vintage, reversible Jams World and Organik shorts. We also have a limited-edition Beach Bum bag coming out made with coffee-bean sacks, boat-dock rope and vintage Iolani fabric.

Which Organik T-shirt is a visitor must-have?

The Mahalo T-shirt. It's very Hawaii, with a positive “thank you” and “have a nice day” message. 

Kona Sunset bamboo T-shirt, worn by Ed O'Neill. 

JWXO shorts, $70, Jams World.