Nathan Aweau @ the Hi*Sessions studio

Nonstop Honolulu has partnered with HI*Sessions, a project by Dave Kusumoto and Jon Yamasato, whose goal is to provide intimate, quality live music performances for music lovers from Honolulu to Hong Kong. Utilizing Kusumoto’s video production experience and Yamasato’s rolodex of Hawaii’s top talent, HI*Sessions was born. In the planning and production of the series, Raf Bacani (video), Vance Morimoto (sound), Chris Kanemura (Web), Nick Kawakami (production), Jonas Maon and Andrew Tran (photography) were added to the staff to provide the best experience for the artists who come through the production studio (Kusumoto’s House).

Here’s their debut video, featuring multiple Na Hoku Hanohano winner Nathan Aweau, who recorded an acoustic set of his favorite songs at the Hi*Sessions studio. From 2002 to 2010, Aweau was part of the group, Hapa. Now moving forward as a soloist, he shows his dynamic range of talents from his lead bass playing to his songwriting.

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