My Top 10 San Francisco eateries (for this trip)

Diane Seo asked me to name my top 10 eats for San Francisco, and as usual, I was filled with indecision. You can throw a rock in any direction in the city, and inevitably find something delicious. So, hopefully I don’t get busted, but I’m going to cheat: Instead of naming 10 dishes, I’m going to name my favorite 10 places from this trip.

Brown Sugar Kitchen

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It’s not quite in San Francisco — it’s in West Oakland — but this was undeniably the best waffle ever, worth driving out of your way to eat. Brown Sugar Kitchen’s cornmeal waffles keep a gorgeous crunch until the end of breakfast, each bite revealing a cloud of flavor. I had the chicken and waffles; next time, I’ll just have an order of waffles. Maybe two.

Brown Sugar Kitchen
2534 Mandela Pkwy.

San Francisco is one of those places that calls me back again and again, often to eat and shop. In fact, I’m returning to San Francisco for Bay To Breakers 2011, so I’ll probably have a new top 10 list then. For now, I’m still traveling around Los Angeles, so watch for my subsequent blogs on that!


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