My 6 Favorite Korean Fried Chicken Flavors at Kāhala’s BB.Q Chicken

A new KFC fan has been eating his way through the local franchise of one of Korea’s hottest chicken chains.


I’m a new Korean fried chicken addict. More specifically, I’m addicted to the jewels at BB.Q Chicken. After watching endless Korean videos, my family and I took our first trip to South Korea recently and tasted firsthand why Korean fried chicken (KFC to fans) has become a culinary treasure worldwide. Of all the chicken joints we tried, it was BB.Q Olive Chicken, the chain’s flagship store featured in K-dramas and drool-inducing BTS commercials, that became our favorite.


So it was with great excitement that I made my way to BB.Q’s first Hawai‘i location at Ku‘ono Markplace across from Kāhala Mall. As mentioned, I’m late to the party: BB.Q, which means Best of the Best Quality, has been open here for about a year and is adding a second restaurant in ‘Aiea Shopping Center this month. Now BB.Q is a regular lunch destination for me and the family. Here are some of our favorite flavors.


Golden Fried

9 pieces $16.99, 18 pieces $29.99

The cornerstone from which all other flavors derive. Extremely crunchy and impossibly juicy, the wings are deep-fried in extra virgin olive oil and lightly seasoned to produce luscious chicken flavor with every bite. The batter is so light and crispy that you’ll be gnawing at the ends of the bone for more of that crunch. This is the ideal chicken wing for purists.


Bbq Chicken Secret Sauce And Golden Fried Gregg Hoshida

Secret Sauce, left, and Golden Fried wings. Photo: Gregg Hoshida


Secret Sauce

9 pieces $17.99, 18 pieces $30.99

One of the best sellers. The wok-fried finishing sauce provides a nice balance of sweet and spicy that appeals to even the most sensitive of palates. A hands-down favorite of my wife and son, who use the sauce drippings at the bottom of the box for their side of fries.


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Bbq Chicken Honey Garlic Gregg Hoshida

Photo: Gregg Hoshida

Honey Garlic

9 pieces $17.99, 18 pieces $30.99

This one is my favorite and to me, the most craveable. The sweetest of BB.Q’s offerings has a heavy sting of garlic that hits all the right spots on your taste buds. I’ve recently converted some friends to this flavor.



Wings of Fire

9 pieces $17.99, 18 pieces $30.99

The spiciest choice on the menu, Wings of Fire are marinated in a hot sauce, then fried and finished with even more hot sauce. Spicy upon the first bite, they remain spicy until the finish. You’ll need some beer for these.



Bbq Chicken Soy Garlic Chicken Gregg Hoshida

Photo: Gregg Hoshida

Soy Garlic

9 pieces $17.99, 18 pieces $30.99

The mildest of the sauced options. The soy sauce adds a bit of umami with just a tiny bit of heat coming from the garlic. This is a safe bet if you want just a little more flavor than the Golden Fried.


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Bbq Chicken Gang Jeong Chicken Gregg Hoshida

Photo: Gregg Hoshida


9 pieces $17.99, or 18 pieces $30.99

Think soy garlic but with a bit of chiles added in for a light kick. If you aren’t a big fan of heat but want to dip your toes into the chile pool, this is a good one.


Other flavors that I have yet to try include Galbi, Spicy Galbi, Cheesling and the fiery-sounding Mala, although I’m told by staff it is not as hot as the Wings of Fire. There are also fun sides that you can order such as Cheesling fries, sweet potato cheese balls, and ddeok bokki spicy rice cake stew. These are on my list for the next time I’m watching an interesting K-drama—along with a cold bottle of soju.


Open daily from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. 4210 Wai‘alae Ave., (808) 888-3532,, @bbqchickenhawaii