Model Behavior

Lei Chic You might be a model employee at your desk job. But you're not fit to model anything else with measurements like these:  

Bust: …ing out of all your favorite tops.  
Waist: Has ceased to exist.
Hips: Need major shimmying and safety pins to squeeze into pants.
Dress Size: What’s the number conversion for AOS (All
One Size) mu
Swim Size: Don’t even go there.  


Personal trainer Karen Vance understands. As a local model herself, Lei Chicshe knows a thing or two about staying in shape. Which is why she and partner Brad Bugado created the Applied Movement Center, their brand new fitness studio that opened its doors in Kaka‘ako just last week.

Part serene yoga studio, part workout space, the Center offers a full schedule of classes, as well as perfonal training packages. With equipment like standard pull-up bars and medicine balls, and fun, unexpected elements like a rock wall and peg board, it's an antidote to the typical gym's treadmill hell.  

A certified yoga instructor, Vance’s classes include a basics brush-up for beginners, a morning flow, a multi-level session and a Vinyasa class which focuses on breath-synchronized movements, flexibility, and smooth pose transitions.  

Bugado’s specialty is TRX Bootcamp, a high-intensity strength workout developed by a Navy SEAL that involves suspension training (hanging nylon straps) and utilizes your own body weight and gravity for natural resistance.  

There’s even a Capoeira class, the acrobatic Brazillian art that combines music and improvised dance moves and martial arts skills, like twists, ducks, leg sweeps and kicks with fluid partner interaction—great for increasing agility and coordination.  

All sure to get you to stick with working out.
And maybe even looking like a fitness role model.

Applied Movement Center, 1258 Kamaile St. 2nd Floor, Honolulu, 808.457.9834. Classes are hour-long and cost $15 per session, or $10 per session with the purchase of a monthly pass.