Mochi and marshmallows get makeovers

Mochi or marshmallow? Left: mochi, right: "Marshmahalos"

What could possibly make mochi and marshmallows even better? How about chocolate mochi wrapped around a Waialua dark salted chocolate truffle or mochi sandwiches spread with peanut butter and azuki? Or marshmallows in flavors of salted caramel, lilikoi and raspberry lemon drop? Farmers market vendor Bentos, Mochi and Delectables takes mochi and marshmallows to new levels. And new names—nicknaming its gourmet marshmallows "Marshmahalos."

It's a brilliant idea—re-envisioning two of our favorite pillowy sweets, making them even more crave-worthy. Bentos, Mochi and Delectables play with new flavors each week: maybe someday there will even be a marshmallow wrapped mochi? Or mochi wrapped marshmallow?

Bentos, Mochi and Delectables
Tuesdays at Fort Street Mall market, Saturdays at Ala Moana Farmers Market