Mobile eats: Subpreme

I saw Subpreme while heading to the Aloha Bowls truck. It's eye-catching with its bright red trailer. But with the ordering window flipped up, "Subpreme" looks like "reme." Clearly, they didn't think this through, I smirked. Inside the trailer, a guy was wearing a shirt: "I heart haters." Caught in the act, I thought, "all right, bring it."

Two sandwiches later, I'm a hater no more. Barbecue meets Vietnamese in the sweet and spicy pulled pork banh mi ($6.50): a soft and crusty Vietnamese baguette stuffed with pulled pork and topped with cilantro and pickled daikon and carrots. Just as good is the turkey pesto BLT ($7.50) with sliced roasted turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato and a pesto mayo keeping it interesting. Mr. "I heart haters" says he smokes his own ham and roasts his own turkey—it's definitely not your usual deli meat.

Check Twitter @eatsubpreme for Subpreme's schedule.