M&M eats: Prima

M&M eats: Prima

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Crash, rumblerumble

Mari: Where are we?

Melissa: We’re between Baskin-Robbins and Foodland and R. Field, so there’s shopping carts going by in front of us. You didn’t want to sit inside?

Mari: Trust me, aside from the shopping carts and the cars pulling in and out five feet in front of us, it’s quieter out here. With the open kitchen and the crowds, Prima’s bustling inside — it’s THE most buzzed-about restaurant to open on this island in a long time.

Melissa: That’s why I’m here. I hardly ever come to Kailua.

Mari: I should mention that Prima opened last week Monday, so we’re here for an early sampling, because the place is so hot—

Melissa: —it’s what foodies are talking about, especially since it’s run by the guys who opened V-Lounge.

Passerby pushing cart: Let me know how it is.

Mari: Check out nonstophonolulu.com!

108 Hekili St.