M&M eats: Jin Din Rou

A new, Japanese-owned Taiwanese restaurant has opened on South King Street with lots of buzz and lines out the door. Does it live up to the hype? Our tasting team, Mari Taketa and Melissa Chang (aka M&M), go to find out.

M&M eats: Jin Din Rou

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by Melissa Chang
Nonstop Honolulu

There’s a new Taiwanese restaurant that’s getting a lot of buzz and has a line out the door. It’s known for xiao long bao, a popular steamed Shanghainese dumpling filled with soup and a ball of ground pork.

Mari Taketa is excited about this Japanese-owned chain, the first in Hawaii and the United States, and is willing to pay the allegedly high prices for dim sum. I’m skeptical, being more price-conscious (read: Chinese). Does this place live up to the hype? And more importantly, is it worth the price?

Jin Din Rou
1491 S. King St.

We decided to take the M&M banter to another level with Hawaii: In Real Life video.

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