M&M eats: Canton Seafood Restaurant

M&M eats: Canton Seafood Restaurant

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by Melissa Chang

While watching our last M&M adventure to the North Shore, comedian Andy Bumatai said he laughed so hard, he fell off his chair. So for our next M&M eating adventure, we decided to bring him along to add his comedic perspective.

I had initially eaten at the new Canton Seafood Restaurant with the secret Hawaii Chinese Dinner Society — and we all liked it — so it was time to bring Mari Taketa, my M&M counterpart, to try our favorites from the evening and expand her Chinese food horizons beyond beef broccoli and cake noodle. Mari admits she’s not an expert in Chinese food, but she knows what she likes and was open to seeing whether dishes favored by real Chinese eaters would suit her own palate.

Canton Seafood Restaurant
923 Keeaumoku St.

If you want to hear the banter (abbreviated), we have some video from our lunch. Since most real Chinese restaurants are noisy, Mari added subtitles so you can hear.