M+M Eats: Candwich

If you were holed up in a nuclear shelter during the Zombie Apocalypse, what would you do for food? There’s Spaghetti-Os, pork and beans, canned fruit and…sandwich in a can? That’s right, in 2003, Utah entrepreneur Mark Kirkland patented the concept of putting food products in cans — much like you would with military rations or vending machine items. His peanut butter and jelly Candwich is touted as “a great-tasting, healthy alternative to fast food” for busy moms, school kids and outdoor recreationists.

Our friend Marvo, a.k.a. @TheImpulsiveBuy on Twitter, brought this to us as a treat diversion from our normal joint reviews. Marvo himself is the editor of TheImpulsiveBuy.com, and although its tag line is “Putting the ‘ew’ in reviews,” it’s really chock full of more entertaining miscellania than gross stuff.

So. We got together and popped open a Candwich for an impromptu picnic in Waikiki. And Marvo, being a generous soul, brought us a unique drink and dessert to try as well.

What do you think? Is it something you would try, or at least keep in your pantry in preparation for the next natural disaster? We were surprised by our respective reactions, but the final upshot was that for $2.50 plus shipping, this PBJ wasn’t novel enough to justify its cost.