Merry Christmas from the secret Chinese Dinner Society

I’m headed out to Las Vegas tomorrow, so I thought I’d send my holiday wishes before the weekend starts.

This year with the secret Hawaii Chinese Dinner Society (@HICDS) has been a series of heartwarming events, as the group has grown and we’ve been able to meet more people and share new experiences. I love the fact that we can keep in touch via social media, too. Of course, one of the best things is being able to eat Chinese food at new places (or old places that we’ve never been) and taste everything due to being in a large party. More importantly — and I know I always say this — the group has made me appreciate my Chinese-ness.

We had one last dinner for 2011 at Fook Yuen. I put together a little gallery to show you how it went, but I have to apologize for the photo quality. I forgot my camera, so had to take all of these with my phone. I also didn’t take photos of all the food, since you’ve seen it before when we did an M+M blog.

A Chinese Dinner Society Christmas

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True Chinee symbols of Christmas: German stollen, and Italian panettone.

I’m looking forward to the coming year as we have high hopes: maybe Tai Pan’s service will improve so we can eat there; maybe Red (in Kakaako) will be open regularly so we can try it; and maybe Wah Kung will let us make a reservation without requiring a deposit. If you have any suggestions on places we should try, let me know!

Meanwhile, as we head into the Christmas weekend, here’s how you say “Merry Christmas” in Chinese. Say it with gusto, like Grace Ho and Jennifer Lieu!