Maui: Taste of Wailea

Last night was the 12th annual Maui Film Festival’s signature event, the Taste of Wailea. A dozen of Maui’s most celebrated restaurants put forth some of the best pupu and mini-plates in town, complemented by an assortment of wines, beers, soft drinks, and Ocean Vodka.

As you can see, it’s pretty spread out; this gallery shows a small sampling of the sprawling event. I think I was only able to eat half of what they had to offer due to the timing (and choosing the wrong lines sometimes!). Here’s the full menu; you can compare it against my photos to see what I missed. No matter, it was all fabulous.

Taste of Wailea

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No, that’s not one of the movie stars, but she’s still just as glamorous. That’s Jen Russo ( @JenRusso) of Maui Time magazine with food and drink from the Taste of Wailea. This is pretty much how we all looked the whole night: Drink in one hand, and one to three plates in the other.

Big mahalo to Dania Katz and Edible Hawaiian Islands for getting us together, and to Sara Tekula and the Maui Film Festival for inviting me to be on the social media team. I hope it was a success!