Matt Bruening BLVQ Fashion Show

Back to basics — fluid, deliberate, yet not over-structured; that’s the essence of Matt Bruening’s 2013 Holiday collection, BLVQ. Assisted by stylists Lindsay Higa, Geremy Campos and Reise Kochi, Bruening debuted his collection at a holiday fashion show at The Republik on Friday. The event was Super CW’s Last Ever birthday celebration and fundraiser for Pow Wow Hawaii.

The well-organized runway show, produced by Dayna Kalakau, complemented the collection. The décor, music, styling, hair and make-up were fresh, luxe and refined with a boho-urban edge.

We interviewed Bruening after the show. “There is so much going on in the world today that it seems a classic, timeless wardrobe can still speak for itself for the times we face ahead, whether good or bad,” he said. “I wanted to showcase a more luxe and refined side to my aesthetic, while still keeping it fresh, boho-urban and edgy.”

Describe the woman you pictured when you designed this collection?
MB: The woman I pictured is my ideal woman: Sexy, confident and edgy. She’s sexy because she reveals my favorite parts of a woman’s body — back and legs — but never giving it all away at once. Confident because she takes risks in styling choices and never wants to fit in. Edgy because she’s always ahead of the cusp.

Tell us about your choice of colors and shades?

MB: The choice of colors and shades I chose were based on the foundation of black and establishing army green and blush as the new “neutrals” amongst our black, greys, nudes and whites. Basics was the name of the game and I wanted it to be very complimentary but with a minor palette to soften it up.

What is one thing you want people to know about you as a designer and artist?

MB: One thing I think people should know about me as a designer is that I’m not the typical cookie-cutter designer. I’ve decided at a later age that I wanted to design and took a shot at it, after wanting to own my own men’s store. But I learned the basics of it and found a hidden passion and definitely a different outlet of how to express my art. I grew up thinking I would be a professional baseball player or a forensics scientist doing field or lab work, and here I am melding seams and dressing beautiful women around the world. I mean, it’s obviously not a bad thing. What better career and life could I ask for?

Ryan of Ryan Jacobie Salon shares: “I’ve been working with Matt since he was at the APDM program at UH Manoa. Since then, our styles have become more polished and clean. For this collection, the movement of the hair, the texture and styling complements the garments. Some of the fantastic make-up artists who worked with us on this show were Kecia Littman, Holly Tomita, Kimmy Stephens, Risa Hoshino and Bailee Nakaahiki..”

Matt Bruening B L Λ Q Fashion Show

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1. Blush sleeveless light jacket- neutral base of the collection