Mat Trick

Lei Chic When it comes to yoga you’re kind of a poser. Sure you own the mat and the pants (mostly because they make your butt look a-ma-zing), but when it comes to actually making it to class, the only stretching you’ve been doing is stretching for excuses.

Truth is, between the hippie-dippy music, overly zenned-out teachers and snail’s-pace moves that leave you thinking, “this cannot possibly be considered a workout,” you’re just not a fan.

Or, at least you weren’t until you found Sports Yoga Hawaii — the brainchild of David Onoue, a twenty-something local boy and lifelong soccer player who had wanted to improve his performance on the field and reduce his risk of injury. Finding nowhere to take a sports-centric yoga class, he decided to start his own.

At his small studio across the street from Kahala Mall you’ll find a totally different yoga experience. There’s no excruciatingly mellow pan flute music. Instead, up-beat top 40 hits keep the pace lively. And while you’ll recognize many of the moves from a traditional yoga class, strategic strengthening is also a big part of each session, which means you’ll definitely break a sweat and walk away worked. Finally, be ready for personal attention. Since the classes usually consist of five people or less, Onoue keeps a close eye on everyone.

Best of all, if you’re an athlete, Onoue will tailor the workout to your specific sport’s demands. He’s worked with a Punahou basketball player, countless soccer players, runners and triathletes. And if you’re not, no worries – you’ll still leave feeling limber, focused and toned.

It’s just what you need to change your position on yoga.

Sports Yoga Hawaii, 4218 Waialae Ave. #201 (above Urgent Care), Honolulu. More info here.