Crafts for Honolulu Families: A Science-Theme Party

Colorful candy, sweet experiments and dry ice create a formula for fun.


Make It Science Party Full Table Photo Karen Db Photography

Dress up the table in shades of red, green, black and white. Photo: Karen DB Photography


Break out the lab coats, googles and practice your best mad scientist laughs for a day of fun (and shhhh, learning). Here are some ideas for decorations, snacks, and links to a variety of experimental fun for all ages.




Laboratory glassware looks festive filled with candies in bright greens, blues, reds and yellows. We bought our flasks, beakers and test tubes locally at Hawaii Chemical & Scientific.


2363 N. King St., (808) 841-4265,


Make It Science Party Molecule Station Photo Karen Db Photography

Photo: Karen DB Photography




Add an element of surprise with scientific names for everything from bottled water to salty (NaCl) pretzel sticks. Create a “make-your-own molecule” station where kids can use toothpicks to string together healthy, atom-shaped snacks.


Game idea: Fill a flask or beaker with gumballs and ask the kids to guess how many “atoms” there are. The winner takes it home!


Make It Science Party Test Tubes Photo Karen Db Photography

Photo: Karen DB Photography




Take home test tubes packed with pop rocks, crystalized sugar, sour belts and other taste experiments. We picked our own colors at Candy Carousel at Kāhala Mall. Mix up your own slime and package it in a small mason jar or petri dish to take home.




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