Make It With the Family: Pineapple Pine Cone Ornaments

Add a pop of tropical color to your tree with hand-painted pineapples that are too cute to eat.

Photo: Karen DB Photography



  • Small pine cones
  • Yellow acrylic paint; we found ours at Walmart
  • Paintbrushes and a plate or palette for mixing
  • Green craft paper
  • Hot glue
  • Bakers twine or clear fishing wire
  • Pencils
  • Scissors


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Photo: Karen DB Photography



  1. Paint pine cones yellow. Dry, then repeat. You will need several coats of paint to cover it completely.
  2. Draw long leaf shapes on the craft paper and cut out. You will need seven leaves for each pine cone.
  3. Curl leaves slightly by wrapping the end around a pencil.
  4. Add a dab of hot glue to the straight end of each leaf and slide into the top row of the painted pine cone. Repeat with three to four other leaves until you have a crown of leaves.
  5. Make a loop out of the bakers twine and tie the end. Add hot glue to the knotted end and attach it to the center of the pine cone, in the middle of the leaves.


Photo: Karen DB Photography


Our Tips

  • Before painting, place pine cones on the table to see which will stand up. Those won’t topple over while drying.
  • Use a small paint brush to add the color in between the rows before painting the outside, to keep little hands as clean as possible.
  • Stick the leaves into the pine cone to set the spacing before gluing.


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