Lunch at 53 by the Sea

Photo by Rae Huo
Lunch options at 53 by the Sea include tagliatelle shrimp scampi with pesto

In this month's dining column, I review 53 by the Sea and Lucky Belly. Spoiler: I'm not in love with 53 by the Sea, but two things will bring me back: the bar, set up by Tim Rita (though he's leaving by the end of the year to open Peter Merriman's Monkeypod Kitchen in Koolina) and lunch. Lunch is a great deal: starting at $19 for three courses. Select from a rolling cart of antipasti and charcuterie and pick one of the pastas, such as spaghetti Bolognese or a house made tagliatelle with pesto and shrimp. Lunch also includes dessert: when we went, a light chocolate sponge cake with mango sorbet.

And of course, there's the view, the best restaurant view in Honolulu, sweeping from Waikiki to Diamond Head, and a front row seat to Kewalo's surf break. (The only problem is, if the surf is good, you might not return to work right away.)

53 Ahui St., 536-5353,