Lopaka Kapanui Shares 3 Ghost Stories of Hawai‘i

Listen as the local master storyteller tells tales of menehune, haunted houses and a kahuna who tried to bless an unblessable house.


We all love a good ghost story—and Hawai‘i is full of them. From night marchers to haunted cemeteries, the Islands are rife with supernatural tales.


This Halloween, our sister publication Hawai‘i Magazine enlisted the help of master storyteller Lopaka Kapanui, who leads walking ghost tours with Mysteries of Hawai‘i on O‘ahu, to get us in the mood for Halloween.


A Spirit-Filled Home in Nu‘uanu


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The Un-Blessable House on O‘ahu


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An Encounter with Menehune


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Listen to Hawai‘i Magazine’s podcast, Have Aloha Will Travel

On this especially spooky episode of the Have Aloha Will Travel podcast, your hosts Catherine Toth Fox and Kevin Allen are joined by the maestro of nightmares himself, Lopaka Kapanui.

Known for his Mystery’s of Hawaiʻi walking tours, Kapanui has made a name for himself within the paranormal groups of Hawaiʻi thanks to his deep log of stories and supernatural occurrences—ready to be told at a moment’s notice. And he sure sent chills up Kevin and Cat’s spines during this episode of the Have Aloha Will Travel podcast.


If you want to see more from Kapanui, you can follow him on Instagram as well as on Facebook and YouTube. Both Hawai‘i Magazine and HONOLULU Magazine have featured Kapanui’s terrifying tales on hawaiimagazine.com and this website. Get more local Halloween content here.