Life Interrupted: 31 Ways to Improve Your Well-Being for Mental Health Month

Quick and easy things you can do to keep yourself positive and relaxed while staying at home.
Purple Flowers on a Tree
On May 1, go on a walk and count the number of flowers you find in honor of lei day.
photo: christi young


May is Mental Health Month. As we face another month of state stay-at-home orders, we all could use some help finding ways to deal with the challenges this new normal brings. After all, living in an only virtually social world can get to all of us.


COVID-19 has changed all of our lives. It’s not just where you can go and who you can't see, it has been challenge for us mentally and emotionally. HONOLULU Magazine in partnership with the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) is presenting a free, five-week series of virtual discussions to help us all with tools to get us through this time. Learn more and sign up here


We recently spoke with five Hawai‘i mental health experts for their tips for dealing with anxiety, boredom and isolation. They helped us come up with this downloadable calendar featuring short, simple things we can do every day this month and beyond to give us a little lift out of monotony. 


Click the image to enlarge and download the calendar. may mental health calendar


Find other tips and local mental health resources in Life Interrupted: Tips and Advice From Five Local Psychologists and Mental Health Experts