Letters To Home

Sgt. Christian Salinas in Fort Bliss, Texas. Right: Chief Warrant Officer William
S. Kearns near Baghdad Photos Courtesy of Dianna Kearns & Christian

To HONOLULU Magazine

I was stationed
at Schofield Barracks from 1998 to 2001, then I stayed in Hawai’i to live for

I joined the Guard in 2002, because I missed doing Army infantry
operations. I wanted to be a real soldier since the age of 5.

In July 2004,
I receive the raging bull call-a real deployment to Iraq. I was excited. Now I
am heading to Iraq to show what I learned. What I miss so much about Hawai’i is
the mountains, the beaches, the people, their aloha. We all feel a deep pain in
the heart and a tear on the inside because of how much we miss and love the Islands.

But now it is my chance to show the world my Hispanic pride and to represent
Hawai’i all the way across the world. God bless all of you. Keep us always in
your prayers for a safe return.

Sgt. Christian Salinas 29th Brigade Combat
Fort Bliss, Texas

Chief Warrant Officer William S. Kearns to
his wife, Dianna. Kearns is a pilot with the 1-25 Aviation Brigade stationed north
of Baghdad.


I wanted to tell you in writing that I love
you and you are doing a great job back home. I am very happy that you are back
in Hawai’i. I miss you, sweetie. By the time you get this, it will be October
and we will be that much closer to being together again. Not much going on here.
Got a box from my Dad today, creamer in it-and it came the day I ran out 🙂 Other
than missing you, Juliet and Colin-I am fine. I hope to hug and kiss you soon.
I’ll get to play with Colin and Juliet in the yard and dance with them. Hoping
to get home and be their Daddy like I was. OK, I love you Booser, Talk to you

Love, Bill
P.S. Have I told you you’re beautiful lately?

Christopher Kerr of Company C, 193rd Aviation to his wife, Leilani

love you. Just got back, been very busy again. It’s feast or famine around here,
reminds me of April when we first got here. How are the kids doing? Hug them for
me. Would like to talk to them, but its not a good idea to use the phone. I can’t
walk outside the barricades right now, a little too hazardous. It’s finally getting
colder, especially at night, high 40s, only 75 during the day. I miss you. Stop
worrying. I’m doing good. I know you are busy. Can’t wait till December, one more
month done.

I love you,
Your Christopher

Michael Naumu to the staff and students of Hawai’i Kai Church’s Childcare Center,
where his 5-year-old son, Royce, attends school

I don’t know if there
are words that can express how thankful we are to have people with kindness in
your hearts in giving care packages to our platoon here in Iraq. A lot of the
things that were sent here are items that we really needed.

All of us here
really miss being home with our families. We try to be a family here, but it is
hard because some of the guys here don’t want me to teach them on how to throw
a softball like how I normally do with my daughter back home. This is the only
place where I can kick some of the guy’s butts on the PlayStation game, when both
of my sons beat me at any game back home.

The war on terrorism is an ongoing
issue that I feel we will be here for quite some time. The 411th Engineering Battalion
is on a mission with other U.S. forces to end the war on terrorism and try to
rebuild a country where people here are looking for a better place to live.

behalf of myself, and my platoon, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

from Iraq,
Spc. Michael Naumu
411th Engineering Battalion