October 2008

“Peter the Prosecutor 08/08
Prosecuting attorney for the city and county of Honolulu, Peter Carlisle is exactly what you’d expect—a quick-on-his-feet, tough-talking lawman who lives to put away bad guys. But while writing her feature story on him, senior editor Ronna Bolante discovered a new dimension to Carlisle. For example, when he’s not on the job, he occasionally dons an evening gown (for a good cause) and can get a little weird about his car.

I just finished the article and wanted to tell Ronna Bolante that she did a superb job on it. Peter has helped the Hawaii Women’s Legal Foundation a lot over the years (I am the current president). Ronna’s article really captured Peter’s personality. I enjoyed reading it. And, I loved seeing our picture of Peter as Linda Lingle at last year’s fundraiser. Good job!



“Waialae on the Rise 08/08
We explored Waialae Avenue, a 2.5-mile stretch that makes up one of Honolulu’s last, best walking neighborhoods. It’s packed with restaurants, shops and small businesses. Many, such as W&M Bar-B-Q Burgers, are decades-old institutions.

Your August article stated that W&M Bar-B-Q Burgers was established in 1940 on Nuuanu Avenue, and moved to its current location in 1980.

This may be true, but I would like to inform you that W&M was also located on the corner of 9th Avenue and Waialae Avenue in the 1960s, near a bar called the Aloha Lounge. I know this because my mom worked for Wilfred and Mary Kawamura during this time.

I also remember that, besides all of the delicious burgers, W&M was known for its incredible crab salad. I never minded having to wait for my mom to get off from that job, because I got to eat all of the delicious food for free.

I grew up in Palolo Valley and lived there until I was 25 years old; the article brought back a lot of fond memories and W&M was one of the fondest.

Thank you for the wonderful magazine you put out, but most of all, thank you for the memories. 



Ahana Koko Lele

In September’s Editor’s Page, “Our Own Private Honolulu,” editor A. Kam Napier wrote about the ironworker’s building on Punchbowl near Restaurant Row. The building was misidentified. It houses the State Department of Transportation’s Highway Division.   


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