Let’s Make This App-en

Six fashion and shopping apps to try

Your phone called. It wants you to ditch those Angry Birds and show some reception to a mobile app-roach that's more stylish.  

No need to call back later. We tried out these six fashion, style and shopping apps from the iTunes store so you can stay dialed in, from what's in your own closet to what's hot from your favorite brands. Browse the latest news, coordinate outfits, get inspired and score hot deals, all from your phone.  

Now that's a plan we know has got us covered.  


The premise: This app lets you mix and match pieces from the runway, lookbooks, blogs and street style. You can also view and like other users' creations. 
Pros: It's a great way to interact with the fashions you see on the runway and in blogs while also getting some styling in and gathering inspiration from seeing how other fashion minds mix up the looks. 
Cons: There are a few collections to choose from, but it could definitely use more, and a search option.  


The premise: Search, style and organize your closet from your phone—no more piles of clothes all over the floor each morning.
Pros: A neat freak's dream. Searching for matching accessories or shoes is a breeze, the design is easy to use, and the collage and diary options make sorting clothes for the day—or even the next week!—a total breeze. Plus, it will help you avoid those awkward just-wore-that-last-week moments. There are also fun extras, like areas to store inspiration for future outfits.
Cons: You need to take photos of your entire closet.

Trendstop Fashion Trendtracker

Also available in the Google Play store
The premise: Stay up to date on trends with short article-length analyses of street-style outfits and fashion news.
Pros: Awesome design for news section. It keeps you abreast of relevant style news, like a new M.A.C. collection release, or Kate Moss' little sis recreating iconic Calvin Klein photos. It's great to see trends alongside the news, with photos pulled from street style.
Cons: The section for tracking trends is a bit sparse, and more than half the articles require a premium upgrade to access them. Plus, each "trend" is based on only one street-style outfit.  

The Color Genius par L’Oréal Paris 

Also available in the Google Play store
The premise: Take a photo of your outfit and let this new app match the colors to the perfect makeup sets fit for day or night.
Pros: Really fun, a great design, and would be perfect for when you're rushing through your night-out routine and need suggestions. The option to match, blend or clash is also a nice addition.
Cons: The app (obviously) suggests only L’Oréal brands, but it would be a breeze to match those shades with items from other brands in your arsenal.

Goodshop Coupons and Deals for Good
The premise:
Get hooked up with free coupons for stores at which you already shop—while supporting a cause that's close to your heart. A percentage of the purchases you make from those shops goes toward your selected charity.
Pros: A great and efficient way to help you show love for an organization of your choice through purchases you'd already want to make.
Cons: A limited number of places to shop at means your options are few.   

Style Thief
The premise:
Steal someone else's style by uploading an image to the app, which will search for similar items. It also features flash sales.
Pro: We love Kate Bosworth’s style! As she is one of the creators of this app, we were looking forward to great things.
Con: It crashed us out the first time. It crashed on us the second time. It wouldn't load at all. Kate, you've let us down.  

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