Let’s get raw

Pete and Sylvia Thompson of Licious Dishes at the farmer’s market.

People often ask how I stay healthy (or try to) when I eat so much doing food galleries and restaurant reviews. Here’s a secret: I’m always eating, even if it’s not for Nonstop Honolulu. Here’s another secret: I try to eat vegan in between assignments.

A while back, I blogged about the KCC farmer’s market and mentioned Licious Dishes, owned by realtor Sylvia Thompson. She and her husband Pete had transformed their eating habits after Pete’s heart attack a few years ago, and became vegan. Long story short, Sylvia decided to open her own business and sells vegan meals out of her shop at Dole Cannery, as well as at farmer’s markets.

After that blog, I started going to Licious Dishes regularly to get meals. They’re not just salads; they’re all raw, organic fruits and vegetables, but chopped, sliced, mixed, pureed and/or dried into different combinations to make dishes that resemble foods that we love in omnivore life. Make no mistake: the vegan lasagne is nowhere near regular lasagne, and the ravioli is nothing like the pasta you know. But if you move past that knowing that you’ll get a delicious vegan meal from Sylvia, you’ll love it.

Here are some items I’ve eaten at Licious Dishes, in case you want to try it for yourself. I left out some items that don’t photograph well, but at least you get an idea of what’s available.

Licious Dishes

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I’m going to start with @HarryCovair’s fave, the chocolate brownie. This is more like a flourless chocolate decadence cake; it’s very rich and tastes so good when you’re winding down in the afternoon.

I always come away feeling like I’m doing my part to “push the reset button” on my body’s health and well-being when I eat at Licious Dishes to balance out my food galleries, and it doesn’t taste like punishment! Hey, it’s more exciting than just eating a tub of tofu or an apple.

Licious Dishes
Dole Cannery (park on the Costco side)
650 Iwilei Road , #170


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