‘Let’s Be Cops’ gets points for trying


cops1When I first saw the trailer for the new comedy, “Let’s Be Cops” opening this week, I originally thought it was a very promising premise with the potential for lots of laughs. Two normal guys passing themselves off as policemen? Imagine the hilarious situations they could get themselves into!

Unfortunately the film’s writers didn’t get as creative as they could have with the premise. There’s a lot that could have been done with the two leads posing as cops, but the gags are obvious, and therefore the film feels a bit lazy. Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans Jr. play Ryan and Justin, two friends originally from Ohio who tried to make a name for themselves by moving to Los Angeles. Neither have succeeded, and they are ready to pack up and move home, but after attending a costume party dressed as policemen, they suddenly start to get the attention and respect they’ve been seeking by people who think they’re real cops.

Johnson and Wayans Jr. are decent comedic actors and have great chemistry, playing well off of each other, but I felt like each punchline they delivered could have gone a step further. Perhaps if they had cast bolder comedians there could have been more risks taken, resulting in more laughs. But they do the best they can with the material presented.

cops2I do, however, give the film credit for trying to revive the buddy cop genre. I love a good buddy cop movie and “Let’s Be Cops” is a buddy cop film, only without real cops. Still, all the formula components are there, and because I miss the genre so much, there was some appreciation for what they were trying to do. I wasn’t ever really bored watching “Let’s Be Cops,” and yet, I wasn’t really to excited during any parts of the movie either. It’s a safe comedy that doesn’t take too many risks and as a result, can be considered a decent time killer, but ultimately not memorable.