Lean With Envy

Lei ChicYou know you should be proud of your bestie for dropping 30 pounds.

But really, all you can think about is the fact your clothes-swapping days are over and that suddenly at bars every guy comes to talk to you, to ask if she’s single. With a body like that, you’ve even started to avoid standing next to her in photos.

Much more of this and you’re going to lose it.

Which is why you’ve enlisted the help of local personal trainers Christine Gardner and Jake Woolley, the two hard bodies behind new fitness consulting company, Hawaii’s Fittest. Both have competed in national bodybuilding competitions, proving they know their buff.

And they’re taking it personally. Fittest Hawaii creates unique fitness and nutrition plans for each person. Using Woolley’s expertise as a certified nutritionist, the meal and workout guidelines take your body-specific caloric needs into account.

You can opt for a one-time evaluation and outline to help you reach a specific goal. The six and 12-week plans are changed and e-mailed to you weekly to keep everything fresh and keep you on target with your goals. They’re flexible to accommodate any schedule. And with state-of-the-art tools to check your body fat and consistent tracking of progress, you won’t be tempted to stray.

Meaning, in no time you’ll be back to sharing clothes with your BFF, and saying it’s the best you’ve ever svelte about your friendship.

Learn more about Hawaii Fittest at its website. Lei Chic readers receive 15% off packages with coupon code LEIFIT.