Lash Love offers holiday special on lash extensions

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Lash Love Lash & Wax Boutique

Perhaps it's the holiday season. Maybe it's the Victoria's Secret Fashion show. Either way, you've got visions of angel wings dancing in your head. Sadly, you can't rock bright red feather monsters at the office or psychedelic butterflies at Sunday brunch without breaking some serious social norms.

No, for mere mortals like us, wings must be a little more subtle and way more classy by taking the shape of gorgeous, full, silky lashes – the kind of feathers that compliment the modern angel in all of us. And, unlike a Swarovski crystal-studded catsuit, Lash Love Lash & Wax Boutique keeps the cost of this heavenly look incredibly down-to-earth.

Founder and head lash artist Nikki Sanchez has been perfecting the art of lash extensions since she was a teen and travels to Korea to make sure her lashes are as divine as possible. That means being ultra-picky with the products she uses: feather-light, high-quality synthetic silk and mink lashes, medical-grade glue and durable fibers that ensure lashes don't lose their curl in Hawaii's humidity. They're also the only germicidal lashes on Oahu which reduces the chance of infection or irritation. (After all, cleanliness is next to godliness!)

Prices normally start at $95, but with Sanchez's new holiday special, you can get $15 off a semi-full set or $20 off a full set through Christmas Day. It's all part of her mission to have a lash extension service that's just as good, if not better, than those $300 salons.

Sure, you might not be picking up a diamond- and ruby-studded fantasy bra (maybe next year?), but you can totally afford to bless yourself with supermodel peepers.

Thank heavens.

Lash Love is located at 1413 King St. #214. For more information or to make an appointment, call (808) 778-0412 or visit

Lash Love Lash & Wax Boutique