Lanikai Brewing is launching Oahu’s second bottle club

Craft beer lovers, take note

Lanikai Brewing in Kailua has announced plans for a monthly Bottle Club Program. It will nearly mirror Oahu’s only other club, run by Village Bottle Shop, which launched last year to much success and is currently maxed out with 100 members and another 100 on the wait list.

Just like Village’s club, Lanikai’s members will get $40 worth of craft beer for $30 a month. The beer will be a mix of local and off-island beer that’s hand-selected by head brewmaster Steve Haumschild. Examples cited by the brewery include Big Island Brewhaus Red Sea of Cacao, Maracaibo Especial Jolly Pumpkin Ale, and Cascade Apricot Ale. The brewery will also include its own beer from time to time. Each month, members will receive an e-mail that describes and provides commentary about the beers.

Beer clubs in general are a great way to try new beers outside of your usual circle. Making it all the better is that we now have two that are locally run, and in this case, that the beer is being recommended by a local brewer. Haumschild’s selections will no doubt include his favorite beers from off-island breweries, so it stands to reason that if you like the styles and direction of Haumschild’s own creations at Lanikai Brewing, you will enjoy his selection of other beers as well. Who knows – after a few months, perhaps you’ll even develop some sort of sudsy, existential connection with him.

Because the shipment needs to be picked up from the brewery, the launch of Lanikai’s club is a matter of convenience for beer lovers on the windward side. If it follows in Village’s footsteps, membership will sell out quickly. To sign up, visit Lanikai Brewing Co. in person – maybe even this Saturday, Sept. 1, for the brewery’s first anniversary party. Also, ask about their upcoming VIP program. Details are still vague, but it is slated to begin in October and will include a free beer a day plus discounts on merchandise and to-go beer. 

Lanikai Brewing Co.

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