Kulu Kulu: New bakery in Shirokiya

Shirokiya keeps getting better and better. The Yataimura, the beer garden and have you seen the beer towers they're now offering in the beer garden!? It's like having your own tap at your table. Except maybe not as classy since it's just Bud and Kirin on offer. The second floor underwent a bit of change, too, with the new bakery/dessert shop Kulu Kulu offering cakes and confections. (Not that sweets were ever more than a spoon's throw away, with St. Germain and Palme D'Or on the same mall level.) In the Japanese style, the cakes are soft and light, not too sweet. My favorite: the roll cake, with tender, fluffy cake with just a touch of richness.

Also in the case: the Aloha Busse (above left), like a whoopie pie with a whipped cream filling (not my favorite), and the Diamond Head puff (above right), a cream puff with a slightly crunchy cookie top. Kulu Kulu does the custard filling extremely well—creamy and silky smooth—similar to the custard in its creme brulee, which they torch to order.

The "apple pie" (above left) is like a Zippy's naples, but despite the flakiness, is dry and devoid of any butter taste. Better is the chocolate mousse cake (right) with a dusting of cocoa powder for just the slightest bitter edge to the sweet.

Pastries $2.15 to $4.65, Kulu Kulu, second floor of Shirokiya.