Kona: Last day of eating

It was inevitable.

My midweek jaunt to Kona was coming to an end.

That meant is was back to work — not that I left that behind in Honolulu — household chores, morning traffic, crowded surf breaks, fast food and parking wars at Costco.

The trip reminded me what I love about Hawaii — its laid-back feel, a sharing of cultures, a storied history and a strong connection to food.

On our last day in Kona, we drove around looking for places to eat — and discovered something about my own heritage.

I know! Can you believe it?

Here’s what Thursday’s adventure looked like:

Make Portuguese bread

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When we saw this sign along Mamalahoa Highway, we quickly pulled over. (It wasn’t pretty.) I had heard about this — staffers and community volunteers from the Kona Historical Society making traditional Portuguese breads in a stone oven — and had wanted to see it for myself. So we turned into the Greenwell Farms to check it out.

Making Portuguese sweet bread