Kaypee Soh Womenswear For HONOLULU Fashion Week

Sixties-inspired styles from this home décor guru.

Let’s rap—we know you’ve always felt like you were born a few decades too late. That heavy mascara you’re rocking right now? Totally Twiggy. Your babelicious knee-high boots? Seriously ’60s. Luckily, fab forecasts predict that the world’s about to do a flashback to the past, with some flower-child-inspired fashions. And Kaypee Soh is already ahead of the times.

Soh, who normally designs bright, chipper home décor for his eponymous store in Ward Warehouse, is trying his hand at womenswear for the first time ever. Kicking off his fashion design debut? Three cute cape-and-mini combos in a punchy palette of reds, teals, pinks and yellows, made exclusively to show at HONOLULU Fashion Week.

Tapping his New York high-fashion contacts from a previous career in marketing, Soh compiled some choice, emerging trends just starting to hit runways, and incorporated them into his line. Showing some leg, ’60s -style? So next season. Even the shades selected are Soh’s interpretation of what beauties will be boogieing in a few months down the road.

These three far-out fashions will only be available via custom order after the event, but HONOLULU Fashion Week attendees will be able to go-go snag groovy bags and scarves from Soh at the Pop-Up Shop, so be sure not to miss it, Daddy-o.

We can dig that.

Kaypee Soh, Ward Warehouse,1050 Ala Moana Blvd., 593-8780.