June 2019: Table of Contents

HN June 2019 Cover
This photo: Aaron K. Yoshino / Cover photo: Nolan Omura



Paint the Town

It’s not just about massive murals. Some Hawai‘i artists are going smaller scale with their street art.

by james charisma


For the Records

The long-running radio show Territorial Airwaves inspires new recordings by beaming vintage Hawaiian music across the globe.

by robbie dingeman


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Best Summer Ever!

The first official day of summer is June 21. Then, there are just 94 days until fall sets in. Don’t panic. But don’t waste any of that additional sunlight. We rounded up your must-do list for the season so you can plan the best summer ever.

by christi young


In Transition: Hawai‘i’s Transgender Teens

Finding yourself as a teenager is challenging. But for local trans teens growing into their identities, these years are critical. Here is how Hawai‘i is succeeding, and struggling, when it comes to supporting students in transition.

by cynthia wessendorf


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June Picks

Explore the inner workings of a whale, stock up on mangoes, and maybe get a new tattoo.



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CITY LIFE: Shell Game

Don’t count on seeing summer concerts at the Waikīkī Shell. The 63-year-old amphitheater is upping its game.

By Maria Kanai


Da Meter

Gauging what’s hot and what’s not in Honolulu.



NEWS: By Definition

The word “Hawaiian” has a new note next to it on Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary, thanks, in part, to an email from a local writer.



Quote Unquote: Super Hiro

A week after  Hiro Toiya, 38, moved to New Orleans for graduate school, Hurricane Katrina struck. He delayed starting school to volunteer at a shelter in Houston and to conduct health screenings at the Astrodome. The Atlanta native decided to study emergency management, and is now the director of the city’s Department of Emergency Management, where he oversees recovery and planning efforts to make O‘ahu a more resilient, safer place to live.

Interview by jayna omaye


FOOD: That’s Bananas

Gabe Sachter-Smith stalks bananas around the world and builds a banana library of Hawaiian cultivars.



From Our Files: Neon Signs in 2010

With only a few “benders” on the island, classic neon signs faced a dim future in 2010.




Celebrate Pride Month with Michael Kors’ new collection. Plus, trendy bucket hats for summer, a Q&A with Love + Monsters and a runway report.

By stacey Makiya and brie thalmann


Field Guide

The Changing Path of Pearl City

This three-block strip of Pearl City reveals an old-school neighborhood grappling with growth, development and rail.

By Jayna Omaye


HONOLULU Magazine June 2019 Cover
Go shrimp truck hopping on the North Shore and you might come across this tidepool in Pūpūkea. Find 50-plus ways to have the best summer ever throughout the issue. Photo: Nolan Omura.
PHOTO: Nolan Omura

‘Ono: Food & Dining

Fresh Ideas

After 71 years in business, family-run Foodland is swinging for the fences.

By Mari Taketa | Photos by Aaron K. Yoshino


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Editor’s Page: Season’s Greetings

What will you do with your two more hours of sunlight?



Afterthoughts: Getting lost

Just because we live on an island doesn’t mean we’ll ever run out of new things to discover.

By Katrina Valcourt