July 2012: Table of Contents


Welcome Back, Ben?

We sat down with former governor and current mayoral candidate Ben Cayetano to talk about rail, the sewer system, and why your commute isn’t going to get any better, no matter who wins.

by a. kam napier and david thompson


Double Chop! Kikaida at 40

After all these years, Hawaii’s favorite superhero is still kicking monster tail.

by dave choo


I Am a Roller Derby Girl

Injuries, drama, dedication, victory—associate editor Tiffany Hill laced up her skates to rumble in Honolulu’s fastest-growing sport.

by tiffany hill



Editor’s Page: Awards and Footnotes

HONOLULU Magazine celebrates, plus notes on this issue.

by a. kam napier



Our readers respond.


All aboard!

Get out and go.

Food: local pork

Party foul

Unsolicited advice

Field Guide: Honolulu behind bars


Itsy-bitsy local bikinis, hot grilling accessories, and a Dale Hope/Lucky Brand Jeans collaboration.

by stacey makiya and brie thalmann


Dining: Hole-in-the-Wall Heaven

A tour of Honolulu’s culinary diamonds in the rough—neighborhood restaurants where the napkins might be paper, but the food is completely satisfying.

by martha cheng


From Our Files

HONOLULU Magazine and Paradise of the Pacific—chronicling the Islands since 1888.

by maria kanai


Afterthoughts: Thinking Continental

Maybe the Mainland isn’t so main after all.

by michael keany