July 2011: Table of Contents


Rail’s Next Stop?

Since Mayor Peter Carlisle got into office, rail has gone into overdrive—and so have its critics.

BY Tiffany Hill


Faces of Faith

Many people consider themselves religious, but it takes a special kind of devotion to literally wear one’s faith on one’s sleeve. Here are seven Islanders for whom religion is so important, it’s central to the first impression they make.

By Victoria Wiseman


Farm to Table

Here are six locally grown dishes you can order in Hawaii restaurants right now, and the farmers who made them possible.

By John Heckathorn



Editors’ Page: Training Day

Lawsuits bid protests and turf battles throw new hurdles at the city’s rail project.

By A. Kam Napier



Our readers repond.



Kupihea Romero, one of Academy’s 2011 Artists of Hawaii

Reasons to get out and go in July

The Love Festival

How’s the fireworks ban going?

Environment: Mildew

Stuntman Brian Keaulana teaches Hollywood to surf

Field Guide: Outdoor exercise groups


From Our Files

HONOLULU Magazine and Paradise of the Pacific—chronicling the Islands since 1888.

by A. Kam Napier


Afterthoughts: Mother Tongue

Every home has its own vernacular.

By Kathryn Drury Wagner