Jewelry Designer Katrina Cordova’s New Collection is 14K Magic

Delicate, polished accessories that shine this summer.

I went through a fashion phase when my jewelry box (OK, dresser) was overflowing with big, bold, rainbow brights. Recently, I lightened the load and started donning dainty chains with simple, classic charms. My neck was happy.


Thankfully, local jewelry designers, including industry veteran Katrina Cordova, keep feeding my appreciation for the finer things in life. Her newest summer collection, which will be available in July, includes feminine, fluid pieces that may not be grand in size, but definitely hold their own in sexiness and style.


Here are my top four picks from the collection, and what I would personally wear them with.


Diamond necklace
‘Ulu drop necklace with 14K gold-filled chain and delicate diamond charms, $100.


White V-neck tees and jeans are a work staple for me. The ‘Ulu necklace would glam up the look and add a touch of shimmery gold that falls right between the lines of the tee.


Circle necklace
Koko lariat necklace with 14K gold-filled chain, $100.


I have a deep V-neck lace bodysuit that I like to pair with wide-leg black pants. This sleek number would cover some skin and add contemporary cool to the whole ensemble.


Silver and gold necklace
Leia two-chain sterling silver and 14K gold-filled necklace, $100.


I recently purchased a full-length boho dress with a vibrant Marrakesh print. It has a lower neckline, which works perfectly for this piece. And, the sparkle of the mixed metals elevates the effortless beauty of this look.


Pom pom bracelets
Pom pom bracelets with white and rose wood beads, $46 each.


OK, I had to throw in some cheerful fun. When I tried these on, I was wearing a Kealopiko dress with a dynamic graphic print. The eclectic combo made me smile and brought out the amazing charm of both pieces.


Katrina Cordova jewelry can be found at all Fighting Eel locations and on Etsy.