Jazz Age glamour hits Honolulu

Last Friday, fashion bloggers and industry professionals were invited to an intimate and private gathering at Tiffany & Co. in Waikiki for an exclusive viewing of the store’s Gatsby-inspired collections. Attendees donned 1920s ensembles and the pieces created specifically for the 2013 remake of “The Great Gatsby” film.

The Jazz Age celebrated youth culture over the tastes of older generations. It highlighted a newfound freedom and zest for life. The center of this movement was 1920s New York. Louis Comfort Tiffany, the founder’s son, was the company’s first art director and frequented the same types of Long Island parties that F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote about in his classic novel. Fitzgerald was one of their most famous customers of the time, so the collaboration between Tiffany’s and the new Gatsby film seems the perfect fit.

Photos by Lyle Amine

Jazz Age Glamour

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Industry professionals at the Tiffany & Co. Jazz Age collection viewing.