Jana Lam Releases New Plates to Dress Up Your Meals

Who needs centerpieces when you have splashy prints on the table?


Jana Lam Dining Plates Courtesy Jana Lam

Photo: Courtesy of Jana Lam



Ready for some table talk? Okay, here’s the dish. Jana Lam is launching her dining plate collection Saturday, April 17! Whaaa?! Yup, the color-loving queen, who delivers bloom-bloom-POW on everything she designs, decided it was time to serve some wildlife vibes on bamboo dinner plates. The collection is called Manu’s Place and is inspired by the manu-o-Kū, the white fairy tern, which is Honolulu’s native city-dwelling sea bird. “Sometimes I just draw the things I love, and if you know me, I can’t get enough of our local rainforests. The pandemic has given me an even deeper appreciation of them, and the manu-o-Kū is one of my favorite birds. In the design, I tried to capture the feeling you feel when you see one perched in a tree. It magical and gives me shivers,” Lam says. ““We’re excited to introduce this to our home decor line, if all goes well, we plan to make more!” Well, we have no doubt these will be flying out the door and landing on a home table near you.



Set of two 10-inch bamboo plates, $34, dishwasher safe (not microwave safe). janalam.com