It’s Not Poke or Sashimi: Here Are 6 Other Ways Uncooked Fish is Served in Hawai‘i

Rare finds.



hoe deop-bap

Sorabol, $20

Daikon spirals, kizami nori and masago conceal a bed of firm cubed tuna and salmon over crisp greens. Mix the accompanying bowl of hot rice into the cool fish and greens, with generous lashings of the florid gochujang vinaigrette, which binds the hoe deop-bap in a purgatory of sweet tanginess and lingering heat.


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Mimi’s Peruvian Cuisine, $18

To know Peru’s ceviche, one must first be acquainted with leche de tigre, the hypnotic umami concoction of lime juice, puréed peppers, onion and garlic that firms and cures cuts of fresh raw mahimahi. No acidic drop is spared; ask for the glorious dregs in a shot glass.


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Mad Bene Ahi Carpaccio Raw fish Hawaii

Photo: Olivier Koning


Mad Bene, $15

Paper thin slips of ‘ahi fan out over a briny aioli infused with anchovies and capers. Over the top, crisp fried croutons, capers, smoked chile oil and shallot are offset with a spritz of lemon. The result is an effusive version of a rustic Italian classic.


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Tango Contemporary Café, $12

Gravlax is about as simple as an Ikea assembly manual. Gorgeous salmon fillets are lightly cured in salt, sugar and a forest floor of fresh dill. A few days later, the sunset orange-pink flesh is cleaned, carved and served with crispy-crackly salmon skins and a zippy mustard dill sauce.


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Tamashiro Market, $10.95 a pound

Variations of raw fish marinated in lime juice and coconut milk abound throughout the Pacific, including poisson cru in Tahiti, kokoda in Fiji and oka in Samoa. Tamashiro’s oka combines a white fish such as hebi with tomatoes, cucumber and onion in a light silky bath.


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bara chirashi

Chirashi Sushi Izikaya Gaku Hawaii

Photo: Sean Morris


Sushi Izakaya Gaku, $30

Perhaps one of the original raw fish and rice bowls, bara chirashi is like the chopped salad of sushi bowls, featuring cubed fish mixed and scattered over sushi rice. It’s at its most luxe at Gaku, with varying textures of seafood, including shiromi, maguro, hamachi and saba, interspersed with uni and ikura. –Martha Cheng