It’s Frametastic

If you’re reading this blog, it’s likely that I referred you here when you asked me, “What app is that?”

Two months ago, I saw Hoku Award-winning musician Mark Yamanaka post a cool slide show on Instagram. Click here to see it.

Now, I had been using PicPlayPost for a while, but Frametastic was another pretty dope thing to add to my Instagram activity, especially since I collage photos a lot and don’t always use video. I liked that it took each photo and zoomed in on them so you could enjoy them even more than in their tiny collaged state. Here’s a sample of a video collage:

You can choose from a variety of collage combos, which is fun, but just remember that the more photos you have, the faster the app zooms through them. It’s made for Instagram, so you only have 15 seconds to rotate through all the photos. I’d probably put no more than four or five in one collage.

The variety of free frames you can use.

The variety of free frames you can use.

No matter how many times I post, at least one person will ask me on Facebook or Instagram, “What app is that?” Every. Single. Time.

Blogging genius Greg Yamane of The Pulp Connection, who was the 10,000th person to ask what app this was, suggested I blog it and drive you here to this explanation. So here we are. Thank you, Greg!

If you want to download the app, click here. Technically, Frametastic is free but the upgrade to video is $1.99; at this writing it’s only available for iPhones.