I’m sorry

I’m sorry.

If you’re in line at a taste-and-sip event and a short Japanese woman with wild hair flapping over her eyes cuts to the front and photographs your dish while you stand there giving her stink eye, I’m sorry.

If she barges back and forth across your line of vision while you’re watching the entertainment, looking for peeps with wine glasses or other obscurities that make sense only to her, I’m sorry.

If she accosts you while you’re minding your own business and asks you to hold your food up to the sky, clink your wine glasses together, or smile, raise your eyebrows, look at the camera and pretend to chomp that taco, I’m sorry.

If she complains that you don’t look happy enough and makes you pose while she takes the same shot over and over, I’m sorry.

I’m sorry

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If you are the girl who knocked out of her hand the lamb that she was balancing on top of two other dishes, saving it for when she’d be finished working and could properly enjoy it with a glass of light red, and you heard her yell at you as you ran away, I’m really sorry.

And if you have been or will ever be one of these people and you obligingly stand there and smile for the camera and then don’t see yourself at NonstopHonolulu.com the next day, I’m sorry about that too.

All of you, at every taste-and-sip I’ve ever been to, have been so nice, friendly and mellow. Everyone thinks I love these events for the food, but the food’s only part of it. Another part is the beauty of many of the locales. The other part is the people.

For all my complaining, these photo galleries really do reflect happy times and happy people, and I love doing them.

I just wanted you all to know that. I really appreciate your patience and your smiles. I hope now when you see me, I won’t seem too strange or agitated.

And if I do, I’m sorry.