Ice cream Bar&D: Expect flavors you've never had

Gelato and sorbet at Prima

Vanilla and chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches too ho-hum? Blow your ice cream tastebuds away at Ice Cream Bar&D this weekend, with pastry chefs and gelato makers Alejandro Briceno (Prima), Kimmie Oi (Prima) and Daniel Skurnick (formerly of Morimoto) creating mad-scientist flavors of soft serve, gelato, sorbet and liquid nitrogen ice cream.

Briceno expects to make 10 to 15 different flavors for the ice cream stations set up at art and design bookstore R&D (which hosted cocktail Bar&D some months back). Some of the flavors he's currently playing with (Note: the actual line-up of frozen treats at the event is still undetermined):

  • black truffle soft serve with McDonald's french fries
  • brown butter popcorn ice cream with hurricane mix
  • roasted potato and bacon ice cream rolled in powdered cheese puffs
  • tomato sorbet in frozen cherry tomatoes
  • ice cream lollipops: pretzel ice cream dipped in chocolate
  • spicy Thai watermelon sorbet
  • pickled mango sorbet
  • whisky sour ice cream
  • Irish car bomb layered frozen dessert
  • an homage to Humphry Slocombe's Secret Breakfast, a bourbon and cornflake ice cream

Needless to say, expect unexpected flavors. The ice cream makers will be on hand to answer questions (i.e. what the heck am I eating? How did you do that?)

$25, two tastings at 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. on Saturday, June 9. Buy tickets at R&D online